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Dear friends of Mario Palmaro and of the Faith and Culture Association (,
Our Lord’s calling home of Mario has left us all suffering and with a profound sense of emptiness in the wake of his absence. His ability to explain complex concepts in the bioethical area using simple words, understandable even to those who aren’t experts in ethics, theology or the law was amazing, as was his zeal for the Catholic Church and its liturgical and doctrinal purity and his unwavering and manifold defence of life, from its conception until its natural end. All these things are a treasure for us, and this will not be lost. We have such a treasure trove of writings that will be appreciated for many years to come.
However, now Mario’s wife, Annamaria, a housewife and mother of their 4 young children, Giacomo, Giuseppe, Giovanna and Benedetto, finds herself alone and having to bring up a numerous family. I myself feel a personal duty to be close to them at this time and in the future, and to show my solidarity with them.  As Mario’s friend and as his editor and the president of the Faith and Culture Association, I feel that I must take this duty upon myself, within my limited means, to help out the family for which Mario can longer economically provide. I know that from above he will help, doing whatever he can for them, but I also know that the entire community of believers and those people of good faith who care about the truth now has a duty to support this family in some way.
I believe the thing to do is not just to give a one-off donation, but to make a commitment to help raise and educate Mario’s children with a monthly contribution. If one thousand friends, colleagues and acquaintances of Mario’s were able to give € 2 per month, Annamaria would have the necessary base upon which to live and provide for the family.
This commitment should be continuing, at least for the next 20 years, up until the end of the children’s studies. It’s a long-term commitment, but it’s very small, a Christian duty and an act of charity towards a true hero of the faith and of healthy and holy Culture here in Italy. Therefore I ask all to make a commitment to give at least €24 per year for the coming years (via wire transfer from your bank), or, if you can, with a one-off donation of €480 (€24 per year times 20 years). This is just a proposal, but those who can give more should know with certainty that the Lord always rewards charity a hundredfold. If, as a thousand people we were able to do this “big, little act” of Christian duty and charity, we will have done a wonderful thing, indeed! And if we are more than a thousand – and I really hope so! – beyond the mere daily bread, we will also be able to give these children (who we feel are a little our children, too) even more for their future.
As has been requested by many friends, the donations will no longer be made public, in such a way that only the Good Lord will know what has been freely gifted in charity.
The entire amount raised enter in the special account of Saint Joseph Association dedicated to the Palmaro family’s needs. Here below are the bank and other donation information:
Bank: BCC Valpolicella Benaco 
IBAN: IT58 C083 15 11701 000000 230691
account of Associazione San Giuseppe write please the cause of donation:  “Per famiglia Palmaro” (for Palmaros's family)

To donate using a credit card or PayPal, you can click the botton below e and make a donation:

Thank you so much for that which we all, united together, will do for this family!

Prof. Giovanni Zenone Ph.D.
President -- Faith & Culture
Founder of Saint Joseph Association

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